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Password: jagar

Welcome to the home of Virtual Carrier Strike Group 1! 

We have a fun group of like minded flyers dedicated to Naval Aviation in DCS World.  Please look around and feel free to contact us! 

Intel Report:

News: 1/24/18 The VMA-223 Bulldogs now have a full line of liveries from all eras.  We now have Highly Weathered and more detailed Modern CAG, XO, Line Liveries, Early 90s Desert Storm Era, and 80s Euro Camo.  A huge thank you goes out to PorcoRosso86 and Kizir_77 for their amazing artwork creating these great liveries!!!

Please Click on the image for a link to the skin pack:

News: 12/6/17 VMA-223 Bulldogs are now operational and flying the AV-8B Night Attack just released by Razbam.

CSG-1 is composed of the following Squadrons:

VF-2 Bounty Hunters flying the Heatblur F-14B

VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet flying the ED F/A-18C

VMA-223 Bulldogs flying the Razbam AV-8B

                                  VMAT-401 Snipers(Aggressor Squadron) flying the Belsimtek F-5E

HMLA-167  Warriors flying the Belsimtek UH-1H

All Squadrons will share the same training and mission nights, operating in the same AO, with realistic Coms to maximize realism.

News:6/16/17: Thanks to Gunny(Bullet 105) for creating a great new video of a few of our recent flight nights:

News: 6/1/17 Another Great Night of Training by the Bounty Hunters.  And a big welcome to Chief(Bullet 110).  Chief is a Air Force Veteran so he firmly tilts the Armed Forces balance of power in the Bounty Hunters in favor of the Air Forcetongue-out...and here comes a comment from Gunny...

News: 5/30/17 Seeing as we have two Jarheads flying for us Storm was kind enough to do custom Desert Marpat helmets for both Gunny(Bullet 105), and Ritt( Bullet 104)...these go along nicely with the Bounty Hunters Scheme the rest of us use(bottom left)...and then of course there's Hollywood(Bullet 106) with his special Aggressor Helmet:)

News: 5/21/17 Mission night for The Bounty Hunters...Bullets 100,101 and 102 Flew TARCAP while Bullets 103, 104, and 107 flew a Strike on Command and Communitations Bunkers