The virtual Carrier Strike Group One utilizes Eagle Dynamic’s Digital Combat Simulator to create a realistic and immersive environment to simulate multi-platform naval flight operations with an emphasis on professionalism and flexibility.

The core principals or pillars of any group must be simple and concise as these pillars serve as the guiding principles for future decision making and will encompass the heart of the group.  The following are the guiding principles of vCSG-1 that govern the overall conduct and policy development of the organization.

1) The vCSG-1 employs only U.S. naval aviation platforms


2) The vCSG-1 is led by a core group of individuals designated as the Brain Trust


3) The role of the Brain Trust is to make major policy changes, establish all-encompassing Standard Operating Procedures, approve/deny the establishment of new Squadrons, and close Squadrons due to a failure to maintain minimum standards.


4) New squadrons can be created at any time provided they meet the minimum standards for squadrons and are approved by the Brain Trust


5) All squadrons will fly trainings and missions on the same times to foster cohesion and group identities

6) Minimum Standards for Squadrons:

- Squadron mission statement to include tactical functions

- 3 active pilots

- Functional DCS U.S. Naval Aircraft Module


7) Minimum Standards of Pilot Activity: 2 flights per month


8) Required mod use will be kept to a minimum in order to reduce barriers to recruitment


9) Squadrons develop their own minimum standards, training standards, SOPs, and personnel management policies


10) Air traffic control procedures will be used whenever possible and simulated when unmanned